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Morya Group is a network of hospital nursing homes leading the field of nursing in Israel for over 20 years. We believe that nursing care must be given with love and caring, through which we are able to provide a professional and humanitarian solution for all aspects of the patient’s quality of life. Moria Group currently operates ten nursing centers spreading from the north to the center of the country, as well as three companies that provide nursing in the patients’ homes

The combination of institutional and home nursing and the accessibility throughout the country enable the patients and their families to choose their preferred environment and the ideal location for their needs. In order to ensure dedicated, high-quality and humanitarian care, the Group’s nursing services are provided by 1,500 first rate staff members, including a wide range of professionals who are experts in all aspects of nursing care. Heading the team are senior physicians, nurses and nursing managers with advanced degrees in the field of geriatrics, leading the staff with both professionalism and humanitarianism.

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At Moria Group nursing centers, we are committed to the highest standards of care quality and quality of life for our patients, while constantly improving and striving for excellence. Each center has a grand lobby, extensive gardens and spectacular views from the balconies that create a pleasant and warm environment to more than 1,000 patients staying there

Alongside medical staff available around the clock, patients benefit from physiotherapy and occupational therapy rooms, located within the centers and equipped with the most advanced equipment in the market. In order to ensure a balanced, varied and rich diet, meals are fresh and cooked onsite under the close supervision of a clinical dietician, menus being adjusted for each patient according to his or her personal needs. Even our residence rooms meet a high standard and are spacious beyond standard requirements. All rooms are for two tenants at most, have an ensuite shower and toilet and full staff supervision around the clock, seven days a week. Our tenants’ quality of life is our priority and therefore, we maintain a rich social life at our centers, including birthday parties, family days, sports and enrichment activities, musical performances and events for the various holidays

At present we continue to work hard to develop new projects and construct new nursing homes spread over a wide area, which will bring love to treatment in other areas around the country. Thanks to our skilled staff that enjoys providing dedicated, warm and humanitarian care, we will continue to lead the institutional and home nursing field in Israel, and improve the quality of life of the elderly with professionalism and love

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